Setup android-uiconductor for Mac OS


  • Linux (Mac and Windows should also work, but need write the pakcage and start script for each platform)
  • Jdk 8+
  • Android SDK 28
  • adb installed and setup correctly in the env
  • a local/remote MySql Database
  • Angular CLI: 1.7.4 (Currently the higher verison of Angular CLI might not work. we are working ont the migration)
  • Node: 10.15.0

2、mysql Installation

mysql.server start

2.1 mysal login:

mysql -u root -p password:xxx

3、create database schema ‘uicddb’

CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `uicddb` DEFAULT CHARSET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci; grant ALL PRIVILEGES on uicddb.* to root@’%’ identified by ‘123456’; flush privileges;

3、import sql

mysql > source /Users/yckao/android-uiconductor/backend/recorder/db/initdb.sql;

4、modify configuration,  uicd.cfg

release/uicd.cfg mysqlconnectionstr=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/uicddb?autoReconnect=true&user=root&password=admin&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf-8

5、start uiconductor

$chmod a+x


Fix uicd execution in mac OS

1、osascript: mac_chrome.scpt: No such file or directory

Solution: replace below command in
osascript mac_chrome.scpt

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome –disable-web-security –chrome-frame –user-data-dir=”$PWD” –app=”file://$PWD/dist/frontend/index.html”

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